Our Diaper Program is our newest outreach program! We are excited about the opportunity to partner with community agencies to provide free diapers to families in need in Butler County!

Millions of babies in the U.S. don’t have access to clean diapers. One in three families struggle to provide clean diapers for their baby. And of those, three out of five are more likely to miss work or school. That’s because parents can’t put their babies in daycare without providing an adequate amount of diapers.

Mary’s Helping Hands is committed to doing our part to reduce the numbers of families in Butler County who are not able to send their child to the babysitter or daycare because they don’t have diapers. Our vision is to support low-income families by providing the necessary need of diapers for their children thereby contributing to their health and well-being.

If you work at or represent a community agency and you are interested in partnering with us to provide infant/toddler clothing and/or diapers to your clients, please email us at vmcqueen@sccfministries.org or call us at 513-887-7223.